Vegan Egg Salad

Get ready for the next summer cookout with this 100% vegan egg salad! Along with your favorite veggie burgers and vegetarian baked beans, this vegan egg salad recipe is not only delicious, but surprisingly healthy!

The versatility of tofu

Tofu is beautiful in its basic nature. The somewhat tasteless block can be made into anything from bacon, to cheesecake, to egg salad! Tofu is high in protein, and low is trans fat and sugars.



1 block tofu

1 -2 teaspoons mustard

⅓  tablespoon vegan mayonnaise

⅛ teaspoon salt

1 – 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

A pinch celery salt, paprika and pepper

Your choice: chopped white onion, fresh celery and fresh dill


Whole Grain bread

Sliced tomato



  1. Drain tofu. Crumble drained tofu in a large bowl to look like egg salad
  2. Combine all spices from mustard to pepper in large bowl with tofu
  3. Stir all ingredients. Add more mayonnaise if needed.

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